Why it Pays to Have a Security System

If you are considering investing in an alarm system to protect your home, here are some reasons why you should:

Peace of Mind

Your home will be monitored 24/7 by Centralarm Monitoring. Since we specialize in Financial Security (for banks & credit unions), we have partnered with Centralarm Monitoring to provide the best service and cutting-edge alarm monitoring technology. Centralarm Monitoring is a UL listed, CSAA 5 Diamond Central Station. This means that their facility has been constructed to and is operated in accordance with the strictest standards. Centralarm’s highly trained customer service and alarm response staff are among the best in the industry. Their dispatch times are among the fastest and most accurate in the industry.

You can rest assured that if there is an alarm in your home (whether it be burglary, fire, carbon monoxide, low temperature, water sensor, furnace failure, or many more), that you will be notified along with the proper authorities immediately.

Home Insurance Discount

Many insurance companies will offer a discount of some sort on your home insurance if you have a monitored burglary and/or fire alarm system. Ask your insurance agent today if you would be eligible for a discount on your home insurance! If you are an existing customer of ours, give us a call and request a “Monitoring Certification Form” that you can provide to your insurance agent!

Alarm Systems Deter Burglars from your Home

Did you know that just having a system installed in your home will deter burglars from breaking in? If they see our stickers on your door or window, or our yard sign in your yard, they are going to be less likely to attempt to break in, because the risk is too high for them to do so. They know that the instant they enter the home, the alarm will be dispatched to the home owner and/or the police.

There are so many reasons to invest in a security system for your home, but the most important reason is to protect what matters most – your family. The peace of mind that a monitored alarm system provides is the biggest benefit to having one in your home!

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